Charge Group
Charge Group

ADAM - bass  |  BLACK - voice/guitar  |  JASON - violin/voice  |  ROSIE - drums

- - - - -

CHARGE GROUP are a cinematic art rock band from Sydney that formed from the ashes of Purplene in 2007. They create music that is at once dynamic, atmospheric, powerful, scorchingly loud, abnormally quiet and increasingly as difficult to categorise as Werner Herzog.

After the years that followed their 2008 debut 'Escaping Mankind', Charge Group toured Europe, got busy writing, then stormed back on the scene with Brendan Cowell's award-winning video for Run, supports with Explosions in the Sky and the anticipated album number two - securing their position as one of Australia's most innovative and exciting bands.

2012's 'Charge Group' LP is a diverse sonic feast of epic proportions that 'Escaping Mankind' hinted at, and has proven it’s entirely possible to evoke the chaotic beauty of early Velvets, the kinetic power of Battles and the heady symphonic majesty of Sigur Ros all at once. ‘Charge Group’ is a kaleidoscopic opus of existential contemplation, hopeful wide-eyed dreams and post-apocalyptic warning.

"Stand when you're strong enough
Then summon the albatross over the snow"

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