Escaping Mankind (180g vinyl reissue) by Charge Group

Released March 8, 2013

The classic 2008 debut NOW AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON 180g VINYL!
(thanks to our friends at Hobbledehoy Records)

Written and made when the band was still a collective in flux, this record features the wondrously inventive Bree van Reyk on drums/percussion, with violinist Jason Tampake and ex-Purplene founders Matt "Black" Blackman (voice/guitar) and Adam Jesson (bass). Blackman drums on 'Lunar Module' and 'The Contest' while Matt "Rosie" Rossetti (Purplene, The Instant) takes to the skins on 'Speakeasy Death Song'. Soon after the recording of 'Escaping Mankind' Rosie would replace Bree as drummer, and the Permanent Four of Charge Group would then be complete.

Guest appearances:
* Marie Fox (Black's mum) plays flutes on 'Redcoats & Convicts'
* Sydney baritone Jack Ladder sings on 'Morning of Superheroes', with additional shouts by one Pascal Ross
* Bree's backing vocals can be heard on 'Vice'd' and 'Morning'

First released 11 September 2008
All songs Blackman/Charge Group
Art by Jack Warren
Photography by Pete Ottery

* tracks 1 & 7 recorded and mixed by Wayne Connolly at Velvet and Alberts
* all other tracks recorded by Black & Wayne (both together and separately) in various Sydney studios
* tracks 3, 5, 8 & 10 mixed by Wayne at Alberts
* tracks 2, 4, 6 & 9 mixed by Hugh Counsel at Abercorn