On Second Thought by Sandpit

Released Sept. 20, 2013

SANDPIT 'On Second Thought'

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to what we at M&L HQ believe is one of the greatest Australian records of all time.

Criminally underrated during their existence, as is often the case with pioneering bands (think Slint, Pixies, Neutral Milk Hotel, etc), Melbourne's SANDPIT occupied a crucially important niche in the Australian indie scene in the mid-late '90s. Their first two EPs 'Lessons in Posture' (1995) and 'The Tyranny of Creeps' (1997) heralded the arrival of a much-needed revitalisation to Australia's increasingly bland post-Nirvana guitar rock explosion. Finally here was a threepiece who didn't sound like anyone else.

And then in late 1997, following the departure of drummer Paul Sciacca (replaced by sound engineer/producer/drummer Greg Wales), the band set about putting what would be their only full-length album, and definitve work, to tape. With the news that bassist Stephanie Ashworth would be joining the bigger-profile rockers Something For Kate, the stage was set for an emotionally powerful recording from singer/guitarist Brendan Webb knowing his beloved band would soon be coming to an end. The 10-song album, released in 1998, was 'On Second Thought'.

Addictive melodies built around magical left-of-centre guitar tunings that would make Sonic Youth and Polvo weep. Almost-too-close-to-the-bone lyrics carried by wonderfully devised metaphors. Simple, effortlessly understated rhythms. Talk about saving the best till last. 'On Second Thought' was, and still is, a thoroughly enriching record that rewards more and more with each listen. We are very proud to be releasing this sucker on 180g heavyweight vinyl.